Botanic Project frontman sentenced to 9 years in prison

Forty grams of hashish and 17 grams of marijuana put Klim Malazhavy away for nine years, Kanstantsin Harachy received three years.

In the evening on July 27, in the village near Maladzechna, police detained three musicians. They found about 40 grams of hashish and about 17 grams of dried marijuana on the young people.

According to Head of Maladzechna Police Department on Drugs and Human Traffickin Dzmitry Sukhotski, the main suspect in the case is “the 32-year-old resident of Maladzechna, founder of the famous music band, performing music in the style of reggae”. It was Klim Malazhavy.

Along with him was also detained his friend Kanstantsin Harachy.

Today, the group representative reported that Malazhavy received 9 years in prison.

“All the prosecution was built on oral testimony by Kostsya Harachy, without the smallest evidence that there was a distribution element. There were no marked money, no phone calls, no analysis of the genome — nothing. It was a demonstrative punishment performed by the leaky system, the musicians say. — Soon they will start executing people for smoking joints”.

According to “Belaruski Partizan” Kanstantsin Harachy received tree years.

This year ‘Botanic Project’ turned ten years old. On October 22, birthday of the band, musicians put online the fifth studio album called “Fairy Tale”.

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