Hurry, spring! Belarusians burn effigy of winter (photos)


Chyrachka, a unique ritual of calling spring, has been held in the Belarusian part of Palesse, a historical region stretching from parts of Eastern Poland to the Belarus – Ukraine border.

Residents of the village of Tonezh, which has long been known as the guardian of ethnocultural traditions of Palesse, and numerous guests participated in the event.

After women baked ‘chyrachkas’- pastry in the shape of birds, both old and young headed to Charnychouskaya Hill, which has been a witness to staging the immemorial ritual for centuries.

Reeling off

On the hill people called spring, sang, played games and reeled off.

Chyrachka – pastry in shape of bird


Improving endurance and health: ritual rolling in the snow

Festive table

After the effigy of winter was burnt, everyone stood the chance to taste ritual meals: scrambled eggs, cheese, porridge, pampushkas and sour cream.

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Larysa Shchyrakova,

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