Hundreds of people dying from flu in Russia


Belarusian doctors promise there will be no epidemic — they are taking all the necessary measures to prevent and, if necessary, contain the epidemic.

The threat of a dangerous influenza virus, which in 2009 killed almost two thousand people worldwide, has resurfaced. Better known as the “swine flu,” the H1N1 virus is now spreading rapidly in Russia, together with other seasonal diseases.

“Almost all my friends have become sick, they use conventional medicine to cure it. There is not enough money to buy drugs, so people try cheap folk remedies to cure themselves.”

Only recently the Russian doctors spoke about 50 deaths from the effects of flu. Today the figure has doubled and reached 107 victims. However, experts in Russia, most likely to avoid panic, are saying that everything is under control. “Talking about the epidemic today is too early, let’s see how events will develop in the next two or three weeks.”

The quick spreading of the disease is observed in the neighboring Ukraine, which declared a quarantine already before the epidemic threshold. In December and January, there were more than 120 deaths.

In Belarus, the flu is not yet widely spread, in fact, the Ministry of Health claims that in our country the epidemic will not affect Belarus. And, as can be seen, such assurances are working: as the journalists of Belsat noticed, Belarusians are not afraid of the flu.

“I am using the treatments that I know. Parents also help me. We drink tea with ginger, eat fruits and vegetables, breathe fresh air,” said a resident of the capital.

Nevertheless, there is a great demand for antiviral drugs and to those boosting immune system. Pharmacies are stocked with necessary medicines for three months ahead.

“The flow of customers has increased, as has the demand for antiviral drugs. Antiviral drugs manufactured in Belarus are in sufficient supply. Today, we will get “Flustop” – it is used to treat the worst flu there is.”

Infection, in particular, can spread easier due to the weather – in the range from minus to plus five degrees celsius influenza virus feels very comfortable.

Of course, the best way to combat any disease is prevention, and not just on a personal level. Belarus has strengthened measures against the swine flu entering Belarus. Even passengers of the National Airport have to go through health control.

Yulia Labanava, Belsat

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