Human rights activist searched, questioned at Belarus border

Anisiya Kazlyuk, a volunteer for the human rights center Viasna, was detained by Belarusian border guards on October 22 after participating in the human rights forum in Vilnius.

She was kept at the border crossing for several hours.

The guards carefully inspected Kazlyuk’s personal belongings. A book by former political prisoner Ales Byalyatski caught their eye. The woman was questioned about her recent activity in Vilnius.

“You have your own tough job, so do we – first lieutenant said goodbye to me. Still, they gave the book back to me,” the activist said.

Book by Ales Byalyatski

The border guards made a copy of Anisiya Kazlyuk’s passport and released her.

The 4th Belarusian human rights forum was held on October 21-22 in the Lithuanian capital. It was attended by about 140 representatives of various human rights.The forum discussed the persecution of human rights defenders, political activists as well as other human rights violations in Belarus.

Аles Byalyatski sighns the book; Аnisiya Kazlyuk (R). Photo by Iryna Arakhouskaya

As reported earlier, in late September the Minsk police searched activists’, journos’ and environmentalists’ places, including that of Anisiya Kazlyuk.

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