Hrodno visa-free regime to cover three more districts

The authorities of the Hrodna region propose expanding the visa-free zone into three more districts, the chairman of the regional executive committee, Uladzimir Krautsou, said at a press conference in Iuye, Zvyazda reports.

According to him, it is also planned to include the Shchuchyn, Voranava and Lida districts in the visa-free zone. The visa free stay of tourists there will be increased to one month.

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“The proposals are being negotiated with various departments. This will give an additional impetus to the development of tourism in the Hrodna region, ”said the official.

Foreigners without an entry visa can visit the entire territory of the Hrodna region and Hrodna. You can cross the border at checkpoints Lesnaya, Bruzhi, Pryvalka and Privalka (Raigardas), as well as through the railway station and Hrodna airport.

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The basis for a visa-free visit is a document issued by a Belarusian travel company to a foreigner. It is also necessary to get an insurance policy.

One can be without a visa in Hrodna and the region for up to 10 days inclusive. But staying for more than 5 days requires registration with the relevant authorities (does not apply to residents of Lithuania and Latvia).

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