Hrodna Azot director threatens to dismiss all who supported strike

A reserve of specialists has been formed for JSC Hrodna Azot. The workers who hinder the work of the plant will be removed from their duties, says the statement of the General Director of JSC Hrodna Azot Ihar Babyr, BelTA writes.

According to Bobyr, “considering the current situation, a reserve of necessary specialists was formed both for training and attracting experienced personnel from other regions and enterprises.”

“There were even more applicants than required. It’s time to use this reserve,” he said.

“The decision was made. Whoever wants to continue working remains in the work collective. Those who are determined to impede the normal production regime will be removed from their duties,” he said.

According to the general director, “a couple of dozen people” who are allegedly incited from outside and who “call themselves a strike committee” are trying to “kill the plant.”

“For three months now, they have been not just been blackmailing, but literally terrorizing the 10,000-strong staff of the plant, the Hrodna region and the entire republic. They are constantly promoting irresponsibility towards the fate of the enterprise and open aggression, including towards the workers who did not support their intentions to stop the plant,” Babyr said.

Workers of Hrodna Azot actively joined the strike this week. Because of this, at least 16 people have been fired recently. Shifts are not working in full force now.