‘We need clear water instead of your tablets!’ Opposition blasts Minsk officials for misuse of funds

400 residents of Minsk signed the petition for improve the quality of drinking water in the Belarusian capital, Volha Kavalkova, the head of Minsk department of the Belarusian Christian Democracy party, says.

The petition has been handed over to Minsk City Executive Committee.

The signatories demand the authorities speed up the process of design and construction of the facility that will enable the city to get drinking water from underground sources.

“Earlier the authorities promised that the water from underground sources would appear in Minsk in 2016. Now the name of the game is… 2030! The implementation of project has still been not moved from the dead point due to the fact that the money allocated for the project have never been spent on [meeting] the need of the residents of Minsk, but for purchasing tablets for officials,” Kavalkova states.

The petition will also be sent to the lower chamber of Belarus’ parliament and president Lukashenka’s administration.


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