Homiel activists complain of bad conditions in detention center and police brutality

Homiel activists Uladzimir Nyapomnyaschykh, Viktar Rubtsou and Barys Anikeyeu have launched a complaint against the police action. They complained about the actions of the Homiel detention center staff and the Homiel Railway police. The activists spent 5 days in prison for solidarity protest in support of the journalist Larysa Shchyrakova.

“I spent 5 days in the detention center. Something has improved, there are now good mattresses and pillows, but I noticed certain drawbacks: there is a tap, but no hot water in the cells, cold tea, I was not given a piece of paper to write a complaint. Also, I was not provided information about the detention conditions durinf the 5 days I spent there,” said the activist .

“We will support journalists anyway, but the most important thing here is that we had not violated the law,” said Uladzimir Nyapomnyashchykh.

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