Belarusian cheese sold in Russia under colour of German, Dutch products

A shop in the town of Rubtsovsk (Altai Krai, Russia) claimed that cheese being sold came under Russia’s food embargo.

The West Siberian transport prosecutor’s office found that ‘Dutch’ and ‘German’ cheese products offered by cunning shop assistants were actually made in Argentina and Belarus. Three persons were sued over the case, reports.

Meanwhile, a cheese product a la Dorblu was made in the laboratory of Food production Faculty at Samara State Technical University. The laboratory also released a batch of ‘Swiss’ hard cheese and ‘Italian’ mozzarella.

Since March 2014 the Western countries introduced sanctions against Russia in connection with its annexation of Crimea and fueling of the armed conflict in Donbas. Companies of Russia’s energy, defense and finance sectors were subject to the sanction. In its turn, Moscow imposed an embargo on Western food until August, 2016.

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