Head Security Council spoke about measures after detention of Wagner PMC militants

Andrei Raukou spoke about the changes in the country after the meeting with Lukashenka, BelTA informs.

Head of the Security Council of Belarus Andrei Raukou spoke about the results of the meeting with Lukashenka. First of all, the changes will affect the control at the border. State Border Committee will strengthen the operational cover of state borders.

Head of the Security Council Andrei Raukou. Photo: dosaaf-borisov.by

“And including the border with the Russian Federation as part of the study of the situation, tracking people who cross the state border, including the green border,” said Andrei Raukou. “These forces will be significantly strengthened”.

The changes will also affect mass events related to the election campaign. Control over access to the venues, security and inspection will be tightened.

“Because in the organizational structure of the detained people certain directions are clearly traced — snipers, bombers, IT specialists. With this in mind, a number of organizational measures on security issues will be taken,” explained Andrei Raukou.

The chairman of the Security Council described the situation as “a very unpleasant fact,” which is not confirmed by the Russian Federation. He stressed that if there was a transfer of a private military company somewhere, let alone through the territory of Belarus, there would probably be some explanations from some special services. However, the Belarusians did not receive any information from the Russian special services.

Yesterday it became known about the detention of 33 militants of the Russian private military company Wagner. Thirty-two of them are citizens of the Russian Federation. Russia called this situation “not corresponding to reality”.