HBO’s Chernobyl director: We hardly able to run this beast (ENG video)


The final episode of Chernobyl was aired last night on HBO. It has become the highest-rated Internet Movie Database series ever.

The bigger part of it was filmed in Lithuania. In 2018, Belsat journalists who were on the set of the epic miniseries ashed the director, actors and extras about Chernobyl, nuclear energy and the would-be NPP in Belarus.

“I know a lot more now than I did before! Before I knew about Chernobyl was dirtying Welsh lamb, because the cloud came over and it rained over Wales were the lambs were. We could nou eat lamb for a couple of years and we could not drink milk for a while. But now I know a lot more about it I can almost explain how a nuclear reactor works!” Jared Harris (‘Valery Legasov’) said.

Belarusian Vasily Ignatenko is one of its characters; in 1986, he fought the fires on the roof of the reactor and then died in a Moscow hospital. In her book, Nobel laureate Svetlana Alexievich shared his story with the world.

“I think this project is definitely very good insight into the risks and problems of nuclear energy. Its a big thing to talk about nuclear energy and all the safety aspects. When I started this project, I was ‘pro-nuclear’, because i believed it to be rather clean source of energy, but now my view has really changed because I don’t think we are capable to run this beast,” film director Johan Renck stressed.

Many extras remember the developments of 1986. Even a slight chance of their recurrence terrifies people.

“You know, I could have been sent there, I could have become one of the first responders. I hardly managed to come out dry. If I had failed to do so, I would have gone to my last home long ago. Most of my friends who were there have already passed away,” an elderly man recalled.

“That was a living nightmare! I am close to tears. I want Belarusians to stop constructing their NPP. God forbid!” a woman said.

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