HBO ‘Chernobyl’ makes Pripyat more popular with tourists

Chernobyl Drama screenshot

The final, fifth episode of the mini-series about the tragedy at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant from HBO and Sky has been released. The project which beat the Game of Thrones’ popularity brought fame not only to its creators.

The success of the American film series about the terrible accident has increased the number of people who want to see the destroyed NPP and abandoned territories with their own eyes, Reuters reports.

According to the information of travel agencies organizing trips to the resettled areas, after the release of the series the number of booked trips increased by 40%. A typical tour in English costs about $ 100 per person.

After the last series called “Eternal Memory” was aired, the author of the “Chernobyl” script, Craig Mazin, wrote on Twitter words of gratitude for fans and spectators in various languages, including Belarusian.


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