Granting benefits to women’s businesses will be dead-end – Belarusian economist

Not only anti-corruption schemes and improved tax legislation, but also more kindergartens are needed for the further promotion of entrepreneurship in Belarus.

According to independent experts, female entrepreneurs are facing double pressure in the country. Belarusian business ladies keep complaining about the tax system, hate to pay bribes; they are often scrambled between family and work, Maryia Akulava, a specialist at the Belarusian Economic Research and Education Centre (BEROC), made a comment on the results of her recent study for Belsat TV program The Talk Of The Day.

“If one starts granting benefits to women’s businesses, it will be a dead-end road. Once we do that, the whole business in the country will become ‘female’ – they will be re-registered in the name of mothers, wives or grandmothers. We need to create the conditions to back women in business, to let them know that they may soar to success,” Ms Akulava told Belsat TV host Usevalad Stseburaka.

Belarusian women do have enormous potential in business, the expert stressed. But to unlock it, the society should change its attitude towards female entrepreneurs and the authorities should set up appropriate infrastructure, in particular, kindergartens.

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