Gospromnadzor finds over 1,000 safety violations in public places

Інтэрактыўная мапа правераных аб'ектаў

In total, 160 public places have been checked by the authorities since March 27 in Belarus. The results are disappointing.

“Based on the results of the monitoring, 1,062 violations of industrial safety requirements were identified. Of the violations identified, 71 affect the safe operation of hazardous facilities and creates a threat of emergencies during their operation. In relation to these dangerous facilities, 37 proposals were submitted to suspend their operation,” the State Industrial Supervision Service (Gospromnadzor) reports.

The most common violations are the following: failure to implement industrial control over compliance with industrial safety requirements when operating hazardous facilities; annual schedules of maintenance and repair of the gas distribution system and gas consumption are not available; the acts of grounding and lightning protection are not available, the gassing alarms do not get regularly checked; guards, who have the access to alarm signal from the roof boiler room and the signal from the elevator car are not trained, not instructed and do not know the order of actions when an alarm signal is received. There was detected a big problem with the operation of elevators.

Infringements have been found out both at old and new facilities. The work is now underway to eliminate the shortcomings.

The Ministry of Emergency Situations has made a special interactive map, where everyone can see the results of the checks.

The mass inspections started after a fire in the shopping and entertainment center “Winter Cherry” in Russia’s Kemerovo. According to official data, 64 people died as a result of the fire, most of them were children.


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