Homiel enterprises and institutions instructed ‘not to talk to Belsat’

Ideologists of Chyhunachny district of Homiel have sent “a telephone message” to the managers of enterprises, organizations and institutions.

The document that the editors of our TV channel received says that “Belsat” and “BAJ” “are not accredited by the state media”.

“Telephone Message” from Homiel ideologues

“In the case of you or your employees receiving a request for an interview, please immediately inform the department of ideological work, culture and youth affairs,” said the statement.

Also reported are the numbers and names of persons to whom officials need to address:

715 121, 8044 793 99 05 Drobatava Iryna, head of Ideological Work, Culture and Youth Affairs department of the Chyhunachny district of Homiel;

776 419, 8044 783 66 85 Laznya Natallia, Deputy chief of the department.

Iryna Drobatava

Natallia Laznya

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