Gloomy leadership: Belsat TV journalists fined most often

Which of journalists put the hardest questions to Lukashenka’s regime? See our information graphics.

The Belarusian authorities continue to persecute independent journalists and violate human rights. Freelancers stand trial under notorious Article 22.9 of the Administrative Code (illegal production and distribution of media products).

Dozens of our colleagues are intimidated. They live under the constant threat of financial punishment.

In total, Belarusian court gave 33 sentences over the cases of independent journalists and imposed Br 33 mln fines on them. 13 reporters (6 men, 7 women) appeared before court.


Kastus Zhukouski (12 trials, Br 76.8 mln fines), Natallya Kryvashey (4 trials, Br 24.3 mln fines), Ales Lyauchuk (2 trials, Br 12.7 mln fines), Larysa Shchyrakova (3 trials, Br 12.7 mln fines), Alina Litvinchuk (2 trials, Br 10.8 mln fines) make top 5 journalists who were punished for contributing to our channel.

The most heavy fines were imposed on Belsat TV contributors Ales Lyauchuk and Natallya Kryvashey (Br 9 mln)

The regime fines of freelance journalists for cooperation with Belsat TV (8 cases), Euroradio (1), Radio Racyja (4).

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Source – the Belarusian Association of Journalists.

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