Girl caught at ballot stuffing attempt


Yury Vashchanchuk has recorded an attempt to throw in several ballots at polling station #37 of Brest Eastern District #3.

The observer asked the girl who had tried to throw in so many ballots, where she had got them. But she did not answer and left the polling station with the ballots.

The video shows a woman saying, “Go out, go out”. Vaschanchuk claims that this is the voice of Tatsiana Mosina, chair of the election commission.

“This girl had at least 20 ballots in her hands,” said Yury Vashchenchuk in a conversation with

Прогноз Ермошиной и подсчеты наблюдателей. Ждать ли рекорда досрочного голосования?

Yury Vashchenchuk also added that he watches the voters who approach the ballot box from a distance of about 12 meters and sees them from behind. “During the observation I noticed several times that some voters throw more than one ballot into the ballot box. You can hear a stack of paper falling down there,” explained Vashchenchuk.

The observer is going to file a complaint to the district election commission demanding that the ballots be recalculated.

The journalists of managed to find a probable falsifier caught by the observer. She was Anastasia Kulichkova, who works as a teacher-psychologist in a kindergarten. This kindergarten is located 50 meters from the polling station where the violation took place. The head of the kindergarten is Tatsiana Mosina, chair of the election commission.

Anastasia Kulichkova’s account in VK that she already closed.
Anastasia Kulichkova

Early voting at the parliamentary elections is now underway in Belarus. The election day is November 17.

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