German ‘Nord Stream-2’ to offend Belarus, Ukraine and Poland

There’s more and more confrontation In the discussion about the gas pipeline “Nord Stream – 2”. Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen, said that although Denmark cannot legally prevent the implementation of the project, it can slow it down. You can find out who will not stand up to Russia and give the green light to the construction of the gas pipeline in an interview with a German journalist, Boris Reitschuster.

“Belsat”: After Germany Finland issued a full building permit for laying the gas pipeline “Nord Stream-2”. Will other countries follow this example, those who are categorically against this (Poland, Latvia, Lithuania)?

Boris Reitschuster: I do not think that these countries will follow this decision. I think the influence of Putin’s lobby is not as strong, they are not so putinized as Germany. But Finland, Finlandisation – it is even a well-known concept. And now even the Finns say that Germany is overfinlandized, that it is under a bigger Russian influence than Finland in the Soviet Union.

Thus, Germany is not seeking to diversify?

Diversification, as it is needed, as the European Union sees it, will not take place because the people who in one way or another service Vladimir Putin, as our former chancellor, Gerhard Schröder, are very powerful, they create an opinion, they create a mood in the media, in social networks.

I know this is a big step of non-solidarity with Eastern European countries. By doing it we take from Ukraine and Belarus a great part of their economic potential. Because arguments for transportation to Belarus and Ukraine are very important. And I think for this reason in the long term, it will be very bad for Germany. Because Germany needs good relations with Poland, and other countries. And, unfortunately, here again Russian propaganda has been very successful. Because now the Germans think that Russia is the most important economic partner. And they do not realize that, in fact, a more silent trade turnover with Poland is twice higher than with Russia. And we will offend Poland by meeting Moscow halfway. It’s stupid, it’s not far-sighted.

During a meeting with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, German Chancellor Angela Merkel for the first time called this project politicized. What does this mean?

It is clearly politicized. It is very typical for Angela Merkel: she said something, but at the same time she said nothing. It was clearly stated that the project is not profitable for Germany, it is irresponsible in regard to the Central European countries from the Germany’s point of view. We did not hear this from Angela Merkel. Putin’s propagandists are trying to convince people that the pipeline is profitable. They have a carte blanche at public state-owned television channels. They are very loud everywhere. And those who are against it, they are not so eagerly listened to. People are simply being convinced that it is very beneficial for Germany, and that it is beneficial for the world, because it will improve our relations with Moscow. This means that Putin’s propaganda has very much affected Germany.

Interviewed by Hanna Rusinava; photo – Uladzimir Smirnou / TASS

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