German envoy says goodbye in Belarusian


Peter Dettmar, Ambassador of Germany to Belarus, is about to leave our country as his diplomatic mission is nearly over.

Пасол Петэр Дэтмар з жонкай Iлькай Дэтмар:- Да пабачэння, Беларусь!

Opublikowany przez Deutsche Botschaft Minsk Пасольства Германіі ў Мінску Poniedziałek, 24 czerwca 2019

In their farewell video, the diplomat and his wife spoke the Belarusian language.

“Dear friends, it is time for us to return home. We thank you for the wonderful years we have spent with you in Belarus. Well, we are heading out!”

Peter Dettmar has been the head of the diplomatic nission since 2015. Previously, from 2009 to 2013, he was serving as Deputy Ambassador of Germany to Belarus..


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