German diplomat at Minsk Forum 2017: We do not want to drag Belarus to West

This is what the head of the German Foreign Ministry Department in the affairs of Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova and the “Eastern Partnership” Hans-Peter Hinrichsen.

“We do not want to drag Belarus to the West, to drive a wedge in the relations between Belarus and Russia. We do not seek to improve the situation with the EU over the deterioration of the situation with Russia,” the diplomat said at a meeting in Minsk Forum-2017.

“Belarus is a bridge, a state that not only occupies a position between the EU and Russia, but also unites them. No one is going to put Belarus before a choice — to be for Russia or the European Union. It would be absolutely wrong,” said the German diplomat.

“Minsk Forum 2017: Belarus, Germany and the EU Eastern Partnership, Economic Relations and Civil Society” started its work on 16 November. About 300 delegates are taking part in it.

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