Gazprom on Belarusian budget’s list of debtors

Gazprom on Belarusian budget’s list of debtors

Gazprom’s operating company in Belarus is the “Gazprom transgaz Belarus” affiliate. According to, no comments regarding the debt amount and its origin could be obtained from Gazprom or the MTL.

Perhaps this is related to “the closure of Gazprom representative office” in Belarus and minor outstanding financial obligations.

Over the recent months, there have been tensions between the Belarusian government and Gazprom stemming out of the Belarus’ desire to have Russian gas prices go down.

Last week the Belarusian Prime Minister Andrei Kabyakou described the situation where Russia pays for Belarusian products in rubles while having Belarus pay for the supplied fuel in dollars as unfair. In his opinion, the Russian ruble’s weakening must have influenced the price for gas supplied to Belarus.

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