Fuel prices in Belarus to increase further

“Belneftekhim” is preparing for another increase in fuel prices. The concern has begun work on creating a mechanism for pricing oil products.

Since the beginning of the year, fuel prices in Belarus have increased 13 times, each time for one kopeck. At the same time, Belneftekhim notes that the work of the concern is unprofitable, since oil prices have risen by 35% this year, while the price of fuel has only increased by 14%.

It is assumed that the prices for oil products will be calculated according to the formula involving the prices for purchased oil, said Deputy Chairman of the Belneftekhim Concern Uladzimir Sizou in an interview to the departmental journal of Belneftekhim.

The deputy head of the concern believes that Belarusian refineries will be forced to work in the conditions of the global oil and oil products price environment also because of the Russia’s tax maneuver. It is estimated that as early as next year the price of the Russian oil for Belarus will be 416 dollars per ton.


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