FSB: Russian ‘terrorist community’ cell operated in Belarus

The Russian FSB office in Penza has opened a criminal case on the “terrorist community” of anarchists. According to the investigation, the organization called the “Network” consisted of cells in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Penza, and Belarus.

The website Republic wrote about the case after analyzing some materials of the case. Now six activists of the anti-fascist movement are under arrest in St. Petersburg, two more are in Penza.

The Russian special services claim that the members of the “Network” planned to “shake the masses for further destabilization of the political situation in the country” by means of terrorist acts — they chose officers of power structures and heads of local administrations as potential victims. They allegedly intended to arrange explosions during the presidential elections and the World Cup, as well as hold an armed insurrection.

According to the FSB, in 2014, the community was created by a resident of Penza Dmitry Pchelintsev, who met other participants at concerts of musical groups. Since the end of 2015, each of the members had its own position and role, the investigation reports. Pchelintsev was a leader and an ideologist. His deputy, nicknamed “Redhead” was a scout and recruited new members. Arman Sagynbayev was an engineer-sapper, who was supposed to produce and put explosives; Illya Shakurski was a tactician who conducted combat training; Andrei Charnou was a signalman who provided communication between colleagues; Yahor Zoryn (“Hrysha”) was a shooter who “engages in military clashes with siloviki,” and others.

The FSB believes that there is a “Network” cell in Belarus, even though the cell management was carried out from Penza. The name of the cell, settlement and number of members are not publicly specified. The Belarusian security forces were not available for comment on the case.

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