From Chicago to Phuket: sports activities in honor of # 100BNR (map and photos)


For the first time in history, Belarusians in Belarus and abroad have held a joint race with national symbols. The event covered four continents.

Rules of the race # belarus100run did not limit the participants either by distance or by time. Participants of the run covered from 1 to 22 kilometers, as of 10:00 am on March 25, more than 40 people ran 313 km.

Belarusians were also joined by foreigners, as well as athletes who decided to support the run in Belarus.

Of other countries, Belarusians living in the United States turned out to be the most active ones. The Belarusian community in San Diego organized a race with the participation of 7 people running a distance of 10 km.

Another Belarusian in the US joined the celebration by not running a race, but jumping with a parachute with a flying flag.

The map with the races will be updated.

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