Frenchman Jolan Viaud acquitted

Video stream from court room

The Homiel regional court has announced the decision in the case of the Frenchman, who was detained at the border with a cartridge.

Talking with reporters, Jolan said he had been expecting this decision and that he was very happy. Commenting on the prison conditions he said that “it was difficult, there were rats and cockroaches”, for a while, there was no heating. Answering the question, if he would come to Belarus again, Jolan said “when Lukashenka is no longer president and the court system changes, why not’. The interpreter did not interpret these words, saying it was “against our…”

The Frenchman is not going to appeal the verdict.

“I think the experience that I received has more positive than negative in it, so I want to leave it at that,” he said.

The guy said he wanted to rest and expressed his gratitude to all those who had been helping him. Jolan Viaud would like to continue the journey, but considers it his duty now to return to France to meet with family and thank them for support.

Viaud was acquitted and freed in the courtroom. The sentence was announced by the judge Tamara Zastaunetskaya, who recalled that the French citizen has the right to apply for compensation.

At the last hearing of the case today, the prosecutor pronounced the final statement.

Jolan said that he came to Belarus to visit his female friend. Despite the negative experience, the Frenchman said he was still not disappointed in our country and was even touched by how caring the strangers, who sent him parcels and letters with words of support, were.

Jolan Viaud was freed in court room.

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