Freedom Day celebration moved from Minsk to Hrodna

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Due to the ban of holding the Freedom Day celebration at the Minsk “Dynamo” stadium announced by Lukashenka the organizers of the event decided to move the holiday to Hrodna. Belsat will conduct an online broadcast of the event on Youtube and in social networks.

The celebration of the 101st anniversary of the proclamation of the BNR will be held in Kalozhsky Park on March 23 from 13:00 to 17:00.

This was announced by Eduard Palchys, who is a member of the organizing committee of the event.

The applicants for the Freedom Day are planning a rally and a concert. There are currently negotiations with groups. Information about participants is expected on Tuesday, March 19.

Вольный забег-2019. Цель – 1000 км!

As reported, on March 1, the head of Belarus declared that he would not allow to organize Freedom Day at the Dynamo stadium. According to him, this is not the place for such events.

В Госдепартаменте США заявили, что разрешение мероприятий Дня Воли – 2019 повлияет на ситуацию с санкциями

Instead of “Dynamo” and more attractive metropolitan sites, the Minsk City Executive Committee proposed to gather at the Bangalore Square.

At the same time, the city authorities also did not allow a rally on March 25 near the Opera and Ballet Theater in Minsk, where in 2018 the centenary of the Belarusian People’s Republic was celebrated. One of the applicants of this event, the chairman of the Movement For Freedom (MFF), Yury Hubarevich, considers the ban illegal and asserts that the decision of the city authorities is “purely political”.

Власти запретили День Воли возле Оперного. Губаревич: Мы поддержим тех, кто готов к несанкционированному празднованию

The applicants asked to allow a concert at the venue near the Palace of Sports or on the Freedom Square and recently received a final refusal from the city authorities to organize an event at these venues.

The Belarusians gathered 10 thousand rubles for the concert and other events on Freedom Day.

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