Free Run 2019 aims for 1,000 km

Registration for the “Free Run-2019” opened on March 4. This event unites the Belarusians of the world on the occasion of the celebration of BNR-101. This year, the organizers hope that the total distance that participants will run will exceed 1,000 km.

To take part in the “Free Run”, you need to register on the site, run “free distance”, and share a photo from the race on social networks — with a white-red-white flag, or the Chase coat of arms and the hashtag # belarus101run.

“We do not need permits and approvals in order to celebrate Freedom Day, the holiday of our freedom. We also do not put any restrictions on distances or pace: someone can run 300 meters, and someone may aim for the half-marathon distance or even more. We live in different countries, even on different continents, but we are united by the desire for freedom and Belarus in the heart,” says one of the organizers of the event, Zmitser Yahorau.

The main day of the race is Sunday, March 24th. It is expected that on this day most of the runners will take part in the race. On March 25, information on geography and distance covered will be summed up and made public.

The first “Free Run” was held in 2018. It brought together 104 participants from 16 countries. In total, the participants ran 669 km.