More ‘patriots case’ defendants walk free

More ‘White Legion’ case defendants get released.

Viktar Danilau has been released. He refused to comment.

Also freed were Uladzimir Rumyantsau, Tsimur Pashkevich and Ales Yaudakha. It was confirmed by the representative of the detainees’ families Nina Shydlouskaya.

According to preliminary information, five more defendants in the case should leave the prison soon.

Among the recently released were Ales Zimnitski, Syarhei Strybulski, Uladzimir Fyodarau.

Some of the released men shared their impressions with Belsat.

Ales Yaudakha spoke of the thoughts he had before leaving the prison:

“They don’t usually tell you were getting released. They say: “Get ready with your stuff.” They may transfer you or something. But yesterday I had a feeling that I could be released on bail.”

Now Ales has “positive emotions” and speaks of the future prospects of the “White Legion” case:

“I hope the case develops in the same vein: one charge was removed, transferred to another office, and then, hopefully, the second charge will fall off.”

Uladzimir Rumyantsau said that there was no logic in the criminal case.

“I would like to look into the eyes of the person, who came up with the case of an illegal armed formation,” he said.

He believes that all the charges are made up:

“They have no base for charges, because there was nothing criminal in the fact that children kept a healthy lifestyle”.

Talking about the conditions, Uladzimir said that they were “normal”, there was no pressure.

“After the ‘mass riots’ case was dropped, I was expecting the release, so it did not become news,” said Rumyantsau.

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