Former ‘White Legion’ case defendant accused of storing ammunition

The ex-defendant of the high profile case is suspected of possessing firearms ammunition, the Human Rights Center “Viasna” reports.

The former defendant in the ‘White Legion’ case Andrei Byalyauski has criminal case launched against him under Part 2 of Article 295 of the Criminal Code (illegal manufacturing, purchase, transfer, possession, sale, storage, transportation, transfer, or carrying of firearms, ammunition, explosives, etc.). Allegedly, during his arrest in March, it the police discovered ammunition.

According to, Deputy Chairman of “Viasna” Valyantsin Stefanovich, the case was opened on November 27 by the Investigative Committee of Belarus. That same day, the IC “put an end to” and stopped the prosecution of all defendants in the “White Legion” case.

Mr Stefanovich added that, according to his data, Byalyauski is currently not in custody.

Andrei Byalyauski confirmed to, that a case had been launched against him.

“I got a call from the Investigative Committee, was invited for an talk. When I came to the IC, I was acquainted with the charges of the cartridge storage. It turns out that the old case of “Legion” was closed, and a new one opened. The trial date is yet unknown,” said Andrei Byalyauski.

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