Former Uzbek leader’s daughter says she gave $1.2 bn back to state

Gulnara Karimova, who is now serving a sentence, begged pardon of the Uzbek nation and informed of giving $1.2 bn back to the state. Her appeal has been published on her daughter Iman’s Instagram page.

Her personal assets that were available in Uzbekistan do not belong to her anymore, Karimova states. They are ‘working for the benefit of the national budget’, the woman stressed.

She also promised not to lay claims to her $686 mln being held in foreign banks.

In 2015, Islam Karimov’s eldest daughter was found guilty of extortion and tax evasion and sentenced to house arrest. Two year later, after the death of his father, the court considered another criminal case initiated against her; as a result, Gulnara Karimova got 10-year jail term.

According to investigators, Karimova was a member of a criminal group that hid about $1.4 bn, 63.5 mln, more than £27 mln abroad. In particular, the group’s money and property are located in the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, Russia and Latvia. Uzbekistan’s Prosecutor Office has contacted the authorities of these countries with a request to seize the assets.

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