Former MP Kanapatskaya intends to become single candidate from opposition

Former member of the House of Representatives of Belarus Hanna Kanapatskaya said she intended to become a single candidate from the opposition in the presidential elections. Hanna Kanapatskaya will participate in the primaries, which she announced in her Facebook.

“I’ve made a decision — I’m going to the primaries. I suggest you read “The main points of the program of the participant of the primaries on nomination of a single candidate for the President of the Republic of Belarus Hanna Kanapatskaya,” said Kanapatskaya.

On January 27, a number of opposition structures (the Movement “For Freedom,” the UCP, BSDP, the BCD and BPF) held a joint press conference during which they announced the beginning of the procedure for the election of a single candidate for president.

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The single candidate will be elected on four components: voting during trips in the regions (30 points), online voting (30 points), voting at the final Congress of Demforces (30 points). Another 10 points of support will be distributed among the participants of the structure that organizes the procedure.

It is possible to take part in the primaries both from a republican organization and by presenting a team of 200 activists. Each of the participants will contribute the equivalent of 500 EUR to the organization of the primaries. The funds will be used to travel to the regions, organize the Congress of Democratic Forces and create a voting platform.

The deadline for submitting applications for the primaries ends on 16 February.

Presidential elections are due in 2020, no later than August.