Former head of Lukashenka's security detained for bribetaking

The Investigative Department of the Belarusian KGB has filed bribery charges against Andrei Utsyuryn, Deputy State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus and the former head of Alyaksandr Lukashenka’s guard.

According to the KGB, Utsyuryn was detained while receiving $ 148,600 from “a representative of the Russian company “G” for helping to promote its interests in the Republic of Belarus.”

The man who bribed Utsyuryn was also detained. His name has not been disclosed. Both detainees have pleaded guilty and are currently in custody, the KGB reports.

Earlier, the Russian edition of Rosbalt reported that the Deputy State Secretary of the Security Council Andrei Utsyuryn was arrested for allegedly collaborating with the FSB of Russia.