Former Belarusian diplomat: ‘Authorities waging purge of Foreign Ministry’

In a recent interview with Belsat TV, Pavel Latushka, a member of the board of the opposition Coordinating Council and former diplomat, about the situation that officials of the Belarusian Foreign Ministry are now facing.

As reported earlier, a number of diplomats were deprived of their posts and diplomatic ranks for criticising the authorities’ line.

Both junior and senior employees of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and diplomatic missions who had showed solidarity with protesters on social media platforms or participated in rallies were fired, Latushka noted.

“Some diplomats flatly expressed their disagreement when superiors gave them an order to rig the election,” the politician said.

Belarusian diplomat openly supports protests

According to him, the leadership ‘has actually started purging the ministry’.

“I am absolutely sure that Belarusian diplomacy will no longer be able to make well-worked decisions,” the former diplomat and minister stressed.

Over the recent years, mainly loyal people who were neither initiative nor active were appointed to key positions in the country, Pavel Latushka added. In his opinion, those diplomats who are still in office are currently on slow-down strike.

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