Forever young: How Lukashenka defeats Olympic champions

Not a day goes by without a sports achievement by president Alyaksandr Lukashenka. Last Saturday his team took swept to its fifth victory in the Republican Ice Hockey Competitions – the score was 10 to 5. Last Sunday Lukashenka outcompeted Olympic biathletes. On Tuesday, together with Vladimir Putin’s close friend Alina Kabaeva, he opened the Palace of Gymnastics in Minsk.

After his exemplary performance in the competition Snow Sniper with his son Kolya, champion Darya Domracheva and other athletes, Lukashenka referred to the need to promote sports and health living. According to him, biathlon is a ‘horse sport, which is especially useful for men’.

“We secured our female Olympic champions so that people could see them after their brilliant victory. Well, how could I stay away?” said the head of state.

In sports, all equal! But some do have preferences. At a firing line, all competitors were lying or standing when shooting, only Lukashenka had a special prop. According to the Snow Sniper referee Alyaksei Aydarau, as the Belarusian leader has a knee injury, he was allowed to use it. As a result, Lukashenka turned out to be the best shooter

Such events cause a sense of shame, an experienced sports commentator believes.

“The fact that he scored 20 of 20, and an Olympic medalist 12 of 20 is indicatiove of the level of Belarusian athletes,” said Uladzimir Dauzhenka.

Those who played into Lukashenka’s hands set Belarusians back on their heels.

“Aydarau might have run out of money, $75,000 might not have been enough for Domracheva. On the other hand, they realize that the authorities will throw them away if they dare to oppose,” the sports journalist said.

The Belarusian leader resorted to dirty tricks even when being a deputy of the Supreme Council in the 90s, former politician and MP Syarhei Antonchyk told Belsat. But at that moment the parliamentary football team made little of this fact.

“Lukashenka’s style of the game was hit-and-run… If one beat him, he caught up with them and kicked in the legs. If his team was winning, he continued playing. And if it was losing, he did not want to play saying he had some pain. He gave up and went away,” Antonchyk stressed.

When Lukashenka began to govern the country, he lost only in tennis – to Boris Yeltsin. in all other cases, he is the winner – in football, hockey, skiing. Other authoritarians, e.g. Vladimir Putin and Ramzan Kadyrov, also use sports and games. During sporting events there is always the glorification of a wise and forever young sports leader. The whole world laughs at such presidents-champions, comedies are made about dictators. But Belarusians have been living in such a tragicomedy for over 20 years.

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