Foreigners losing interest in Belarusian resorts

The demand among foreigners for Belarusian health resorts declined first time in ten years.

The demand for the rehabilitation and resort treatment was brought up by Director of the National Center Henadz Balbatousky during the meeting. Not many institutions have achieved increased profits from export of services compared to the year before last.

Last year, the services of the Belarusian health resorts were used by almost 195, 000 foreigners. Since 2006, the number of foreigners that had rest in Belarusian health resorts has increased every year. However, last year the growth stopped.

The number of Russians also decreased last year, noted the head of the National Center for Rehabilitation and Resort Treatment.

“In these circumstances, you need to more actively attract potential customers from foreign countries,” said Henadz Balbatousky.

He called on the Belarusian resorts to actively provide spa services to lure foreigners., BELTA

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