Foreign Ministry warns Belarusians about responsibility when going abroad

Due to the fact that some countries have opened the tourist season, the Belarusians have gone on vacation abroad. But the Belarusian Foreign Ministry has warned the citizens on Facebook that the coronavirus pandemic might reintroduce restrictive measures.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has prepared up to date information on the regime of entry and exit in foreign countries. At the same time the agency noted that the measures are constantly reviewed and adjusted, and in case of deterioration of the epidemiological situation, a return to the previous restrictive measures is possible.[0]=AZWwo7gYBIc9n4on6a5FTyuuROxl1Lucm0uNecdK7kA4JsX7E6h3GtzZI01bFWeaGoIPL00vv0UTnZ0Igx0GO6INhK2AqbKlFe1gjcKz4HBrTEx534HhlvN_rvfUxmyVsUl_EROlYw6jCg23ilFNg7Ia7isfeRBOjtn4BMDJ8ky5MA&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Therefore, Belarusians are recommended to get the relevant information in the diplomatic missions of the country, where people are going to go, as well as transit countries before leaving abroad.

Tourists are also asked to take into account the high probability of previously undeclared restrictions.

“And once again, we remind that when deciding on a trip abroad in such a situation, you are fully responsible for the possible costs,” stressed the Foreign Ministry.

The Ministry also reported that more than 8,400 Belarusians were helped to return home.