‘For playing peacemaker by dropping bombs’: Putin in Foreign Policy’s Global Thinkers rating


Influential news publication Foreign Policy has ranked Russian president Vladimir Putin among its top 100 Global thinkers for ‘playing peacemaker by dropping bombs’.

Foreign Policy is rather criticizing Putin than extending congratulations on the occasion:

“Russian president Vladimir Putin launched airstrikes in Syria this September, purpotedly to protect Moscow interests. But Puting is also angling to add a new feather to his cap – that of mediator – so he has couched the operation in careful language: ‘The only aim is to aid in establishing peace’, he said at a forum in October, the same month he welcomed Syrian president Bashar al-Assad in Moscow ”

This year, the Russian leader has fallen into the category ‘Decision-Makers’.

In 2014, Putin was also put on the magazine’s list of global thinkers, but then he was in the company of ‘Propagandists’.


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