‘For merits’: Ramzan Kadyrov drapes medal over his daughter Aishat

Аishet Kadyrova gets medal. Photo: chechnya.gov.ru

21-year-old Aishat Kadyrova has received a medal ‘For merits to the Chechen Republic’, the website of Chechnya’s strongman reports.

The awarding ceremony took place on the eve of March, 8. The medal was given for the ‘excellent and conscientious work’ as well as contribution to the development of culture and art in Chechnya.

The woman runs the Islamic fashion house Firdaws in Grozny.

“At the present time, the fashion house Firdaws led by Aishat Kadyrova is promoting our customs and traditions around the world. It reveals the unique image of a Chechen woman who is modest, but dignified and mysterious. It is a tremendous, amazing and creative job. It is you who made the whole world admire the Chechen Republic as a unique treasure for the global world of modelling,” Kadyrov’s greeting reads.

is also known that Aishat Kadyrova keeps her own pastry shop in a Grozny shopping centre. In 2017, there were reports that the Chechen woman opened an erotic boutique. According to the BBC, in addition to ‘multi-brand lingerie’, they sell ‘massage cream, which allows you to taste your partner’, whips, masks and other accessories.