Five-year-old ‘Chechen Schwarzenegger’ does over 4K push-ups. Gets a Mercedes from Kadyrov


Rakhim Kuriev did 4,105 push-ups non-stop in 2 hours and 25 minutes, thus breaking the world record. However, the achievement was not accepted by the Guinness Book of Records Commission in Russia due to “minor criticisms”.

The head of Chechnya was indignant and gave the boy an expensive car from his foundation, expressing the hope that the little strongman would repeat the record for a special commission.

“Let your father drive you around. You are worthy of the best,” Chechen head told Rakhim.

Rakhim showed his athletic abilities on the hood of his new Mercedes and assured Kadyrov that he was ready to push up 5 thousand times the next week.

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