Five Belsat journalists behind bars already

On September 26, five journalists working with Belsat ended up behind bars. Maryia Hryts was detained during the women’s rally.

Maryia Hryts was detained during Women’s March. The journalist, according to her relatives, was taken to Akrestsin Street remand center. She has a small child at home.

On Thursday, September 24, the police detained Dzyanis Hancharenka and Ales Lyubyanchuk near Akrestsina Street. The next day, the court punished Dzyanis and Ales with 12 days of arrest each and fines of 30 basic units (810 BYN). On the same day, Pavel Patapau was also sentenced to 15 days of arrest.

Yauhen Merkis is serving 15 days of arrest in Homiel. The journalist was detained on September 14. He will be released on September 29th.

Minsk: Two Belsat TV contributors fined, jailed for 12 days