First Zika case registered in Russia

The virus was brought there by a woman returning from the Dominican Republic. Now she is in the infectious hospital. Doctors assess the woman’s condition as satisfactory.

Her family members are under medical observation, the clinical manifestations of the disease has not been detected, the research results are negative for the virus, reported Rospotrebnadzor.

The ministry also confirmed that the virus cannot spread in the Russian climatic conditions. Earlier it was reported that a vaccine against the Zika virus is still under development and the first full-scale tests will be held in at least 18 months.

The virus is present in South America, Mexico, the USA, Africa, India and Southeast Asia.

It was first recorded in 1947 in Uganda. Symptoms of the disease are fever, headache, aching joints and back pain, fatigue.

Initially, it was claimed that the virus can only be transmitted via some species of mosquito, however, the first sexually transmitted case of the virus was already recorded in the United States.

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