First People’s Scholarship established in Belarus


This year, the First People’s scholarship appeared in Belarus. It is given to the students not for achievements in training, but for active public activities. 

The scholarship is named after Arkadz Smolich, the famous geographer and leader of the national movement, which he joined as a student. It is called People’s, because it has a little contribution from everyone: among investors are public companies, commercial companies and individuals, there are also several Lithuanian partners. A student who, in the opinion of the jury, makes the most important thing, is paid one million rubles a month for a year.

It’s not just the ideas but concrete action – here you can find popularizing lectures in the natural sciences, organization of the acclaimed Student March, publishing of Belarusian-language newspaper in the geological faculty, financial educational program for schoolchildren. The winner was a project of the summer camp, which for 13 years already has been organized by the Belarusian Association of Architecture Students. Thanks to it, Lyubcha Castle is the only one in Belarus, which is being restored by volunteers.

Although the size of the independent scholarship is quite small, the organizers hope that it will help to find and maintain caring young people and strengthen the student community.

Aliaksandra Dorskaya,

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