First denomination took place in Belarus 25 years ago

Exactly 25 years ago, on August 20, 1994, the first denomination in Belarusian modern history took place in the country. At the time, the country’s authorities decided to round up one zero. It was a 10-fold denomination.

New banknotes were put into circulation. They replaced the banknotes with images of animals introduced in 1992.

This is what the money looked like until 1992

And this appeared in 1994

Cash notes after 1994. Photo: National Bank


Every year, since the first denomination, banknotes have been issued with ever-increasing denominations.


Just a few months later, as the banknote of 1 million rubles was introduced, there was a second denomination. On December 1, 2000, the National Bank took away three zeros and thus the Belarusans had new money.

But even after the zeros were removed, new denominations began to appear with time. Thus, in 2002, the National Bank put into circulation banknotes of 20 thousand and 50 thousand rubles.

Photo: National Bank
Photo: National Bank

In 2005, the banknote of 100 thousand appeared.

Photo: National Bank

And in 2012, the one of 200 thousand appeared in Belarus.

Photo: National Bank

Soon after, the third, largest denomination took place in the country. In July 1, 2016, four zeros have been removed from the banknotes.

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