First Belarusian book printed 500 years ago

On August 6, 1517 Francysk Skaryna published the “Psalms”.

The printing pioneer translated the Bible into Old Belarusian and published it in Prague.

“Psalter” is the book of Skaryna’s Bible, which includes 23 books of the Old Testament of 2,400 pages.

To each of the books, Skaryna added his own preface with various information on the history, geography, culture. He also added a short translation of the content.

We bring to your attention the “Stories under the sign of Chase” about Francysk Skaryna:

It is assumed that Skaryna was born in Polatsk in 1490 and died in Prague in 1551. Known primarily as the Belarusian and East Slavic first printer, he was also a philosopher, humanist, writer, public figure, businessman, and a doctor.

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