Finding $ 500 job in Minsk requires help from Sherlock Holmes

Minsk residents are looking for jobs, often unsuccessfully. Official statistics: unemployment in the country rose marginally

The official growth figure is only 0.1% and is now less than 1% of the economically active population. In numerical terms, the number of those who have no formal work grew in January – May, by only 2,200 people.

“Among our friends there are those who cannot find a decent job to feed their families.”

“We have to seek help from Sherlock Holmes to find a salary of $ 500,” said residents of Minsk.

Authorities contradict themselves

According to the National Statistical Committee, the number of people officially considered unemployed in Belarus is about 37,500 people. Although this year the authorities found 470,000 of so-called parasites, who in addition to the lack of permanent income are required to pay the State an annual tax of 460 BYN.

After a wave of popular protests in Minsk and regions, the Decree number 3 was suspended, and the controversial document finally got to Lukashenka’s administration for amendments. The authorities never explained the tenfold difference between the number of parasites and the number of unemployed.

During the year, the situation became only worse

Domestic enterprises are increasingly shifting to a shortened work week, the number of jobs and wages have decreased.

Lukashenka is standing his ground, while the liberals yearn for reform. In the meantime, people are looking for a job with best conditions, where you can earn at least some money: mostly in neighboring Russia and Poland. Authorities with the official statistics are currently not able to counter this outflow of labor from the country.

Vital Babin, “Belsat”

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