Film director Lyubou Zyamtsova dies in Minsk following car crash

A film director Lyubou Zyamtsova passed away in hospital on the morning of May 22nd. The information about her death appeared on Facebook.

On May 14th, Lyubou and her colleagues, authors of the documentary project “Unknown Belarus,” released on TV channel “Present Time,” got into a car accident.

The accident occurred after the driver of a Rover drove into their car from the opposite lane at the M-5 highway. His car collided with the car where the documentary filmmakers were driving. As a result, Maks Haurylenka, a sound engineer, and Uladzimir Mikhailouski, a film director, died. Film director Lyubou Zyamtsova was taken to the hospital in critical condition.

Lyubou Zyamtsova graduated from the Belarusian State Academy of Arts, the Wajda School Doc Pro in Warsaw. She made several films, including “Victory Day,” “Place of Love,” “About Love: Ira,” as well as a series of four issues of “Unknown Belarus”.

In Homiel, together with her colleagues, Lyubou Zyamtsova was making a film about the local volunteers helping doctors. But the authors were not able to finish the film.