Fifty percent of Russians fail to tell what their national flag really looks like

A Korean Air Airbus A330 plane flies over Siberia, with a Russian state flag seen in the foreground, outside Krasnoyarsk, Russia March 27, 2019. REUTERS/Ilya Naymushin

According to survey conducted by the All-Russian Center for Public Opinion Research on the occasion of Russia’s National Flag Day, Russians are rather poorly versed in the arrangement of flowers on the Russian tricolor and do not know the first lines of the national anthem.

Based on the survey, the majority of Russians (more than 80%) are proud of the country’s symbols and consider it unacceptable to be ignorant of this issue, while about half of those surveyed (53%) said that ignorance of state symbols is unacceptable under any circumstances.

At the same time, the survey participants received only satisfactory marks for the test. Only half of the respondents were able to name the correct placement of the stripes on the Russian flag. The Russians did even worse while answering the question about the first line of the national anthem “Russia is our sacred power, Russia is our beloved country”. Only 17% of respondents reproduced the text accurately. The words of 40% of respondents were confused, and 42% could not recall the first line of the anthem at all.

It was the test for knowledge of the national emblem that the participants did most successfully: 73% know that it depicts a two-headed eagle.

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