Famous Belarusian who helped humanity conquer space


A scientist, a public figure and Belarusian patriot Barys Kit was born in 1910 in the Russian Empire. He was involved in the development of rocket fuel based on liquid hydrogen and played his role in the exploration of space.

On April 12, the Space Exploration Day, we are remembering our heroes.

– Born in the Russian Empire

– When he lived in St. Petersburg, he witnessed the February and October revolutions

– In 1939 he was the director of the Belarusian Gymnasium in Vilno

– Participated in the “Apollo” project

– Published the world’s first textbook on rocket fuel

– He gave lectures in Japan, India, Mexico, Spain, Canada, England, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Germany, etc.

– PhD in Mathematics and the History of Science, Academician of the International Academy of Astronautics

– His name was put in the time capsule with the best scientists of cosmonautics, walled in the Capitol building in Washington

– He spoke seven languages

– Vasil Bykau considered Barys Kit to be the number one Belarusian in the whole world

– He lived to be 107

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