Facebook bans advertising of fake coronavirus drugs

Facebook has banned the advertising of drugs for coronavirus which misleads users, a representative of the social network told Business Insider.

The Facebook representative of said that the rules apply to ordinary messages and goods at the Marketplace site.

In January, the corporation developed a content policy on coronavirus. Facebook said it was removing messages with inaccurate information about the coronavirus, conspiracy theories and harmful recommendations about the “Chinese virus” (Covid-19).

On February 25, the Russian Federal Antimonopoly Service (FAS) initiated a case over radio advertising of the Arbidol drug. The video tells that Arbidol is an effective remedy against coronavirus. According to FAS and the Ministry of Health, the drug has not been tested for efficacy against Covid-19.

The Chinese government has bought hundreds of thousands of packages of this drug, and in Chinese online pharmacies, sales of the drug has increased dramatically over the past weeks. In Russia, the demand for Arbidol is also growing. But experts are not sure about its effectiveness.