‘Extremism’. Protocol drawn upon Hrodna musician for reposting in social network

Ales Dzyanisau

The Hrodna police have initiated an administrative case against freelance journalist, musician and Belsat TV contributor Ales Dzyanisau.

He has received a copy of the protocol, according to which the musician violated Article 17.11 of the Code of Administrative Offenses (production, distribution or storage of extremist materials for further distribution).

The reason for the administrative case was Dzyanisau’s allegedly reposting something from an anarchist community profile in Vkontakte social network. At the moment, the profile is blocked, and it is impossible to verify the fact of reposting.

The man is unaware of which anarchist publication or article is the case, he told belsat.eu. The music has looked through all his posts and reposts for the year of 2018 and found nothing that would fit the description in the police protocol. Dzyanisau has not been summoned to the court yet.

In early October, a policeman who failed to introduce himself contacted the under-age daughter of Ales Dzyanisau and informed her of a criminal case which had allegedly been opened against him. The unknown police officer talked tough and intimidated the girl who is still in shock after the conversation.

“In my opinion, such behavior of a law enforcement officer is nothing but an attempt to exert psychological pressure on my family and me and to disturb our peace. Apparently, they are set to prevent me from performing my activity as a musician of DZIECIUKI musical band,” the freelancer said.

НМ, belsat.eu

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